What Are The 7 Elements Of Commercial Landscape Design?

Lines, form, color, texture, balance, scale, and unity. This is the answer to the question: what are the 7 elements of landscape design?

Commercial landscaping firms in and around Nashville, TN, know that a successful landscape means more than just planting a few flowers and keeping the beds tidy. There are seven unique elements that make a landscape a sight to behold. So what are the seven elements of landscape design? They are lines, form, color, texture, balance, scale, and unity.


Lines are a powerful tool in commercial landscape design, allowing you to create eye-catching and memorable designs that draw customers in. Straight lines and curved lines can be used to create pathways in focal points that help guide customers around your business’s outdoor space.


Form is an essential component of a successful commercial landscape design because it helps to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that can be enjoyed by both your customers and your employees. It also serves as a way to add visual interest and attract others to the area. Form can be used to create a sense of space, define boundaries, provide structure, and more. Form also works to create visual cues that point people in the right direction.


Color is one of the most important elements and design landscape, especially in Nashville, where we are used to flowers and trees blooming throughout the year. Color can add a sense of harmony and draw attention to certain features. When your designers use the right color scheme, they can create stunning visual effects that will enhance the overall look and feel of your exterior spaces. Commercial landscaping artists also use color to evoke emotions and mood.


When it comes to landscape design, adding texture is a true marriage of art and engineering. Texture involves creating visually appealing landscapes that also take into account practical matters, such as drainage, climate, and soil composition. When you marry these together, your outdoor spaces are both standing and structurally sound.


Balance is another crucial component in commercial landscape design. Too much of any particular plant, structure, material, or color can make an otherwise beautiful space less interesting and, therefore, less appealing.


When it comes to landscaping design, scale matters more than you might think. Your garden, deck, pathway, or water features must look balanced and proportionate to the surrounding landscape. Plus, when you have the right scale, all of your landscape elements are connected in the most harmonious way possible.


Perhaps the most important concept in landscape design is unity. Having a unified design ties your entire look together and creates a more inviting atmosphere that encourages visitors to appreciate and/or explore your outdoor spaces.

At the end of the day, you want to shut your office doors knowing that your landscape hasn’t been left only half done. Failure to account for any of the seven design elements can leave you with a lackluster location that might not appeal to your target audience. Noble Landscape Management can help you come up with the perfect commercial landscaping plan so that your Nashville business stands out.

Noble Landscape Management was founded by Franklin, TN, local Brandon Crews, a 20-year industry veteran. The company offers commercial lawn and maintenance services for business owners, HOAs, and other commercial property owners. With a full line of commercial lawn care services and an experienced crew, Noble Landscape Management can handle everything from summer mowing to commercial landscaping, irrigation, and erosion control. Noble Landscape Management takes pride in offering affordable and professional services that help keep commercial areas clean, beautiful, and maintenance-free. Other services available include mulch installation, seasonal color maintenance, and fall cleanup.

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